Offer guests the highest level of service and an unforgettable stay by integrating the best in automated lighting, audio video, climate control, digital signage and more... 

Create a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest that steps foot on your property. Automation technology gives you the control you need to cultivate an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. From custom lighting and sound to integrated digital signage and climate control solutions, you'll have control over every dimension of ambiance your guests experience.    


Enhanced Ambiance

Enhanced Ambiance. Control every light, sound and visual element your guests encounter. With an automated system, all of your sub-systems are brought together into an intuitive interface that makes controlling the ambiance of your establishment easy. Create custom lighting scenes for every space; control the music selections and sound levels throughout the property; effortlessly blend lighting, sound, and video together to create a truly unique visit for guests.


Digital Signage

Entertain and inform your guests through strategically placed digital signage. Help guests find their way to meeting halls and party rooms; promote and advertise local restaurants and bars; broadcast sports games and news in the elevator, bathroom or lounge.


Energy Savings

By automating your establishments lighting, motorized window treatments, and HVAC systems, enormous energy savings can be achieved. Create custom lighting and climate schedules; utilize sensors to turn on lights and HVAC when spaces are occupied and off when they're vacant; Monitor your property's energy consumption in real time and make money saving adjustments on the fly.


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